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  • 雙驅動地板研磨機

    850LE雙驅動地板研磨機 850LE是一款遙控式金剛石地板研磨機,適用於大型,中型商業或住宅項目中的混凝土,環氧樹脂,水磨石,大理石和石材等。它配備了新一代的智能遠程控制系統和雙驅動電機,智能化並且更加堅固,更適合惡劣的地面。 更多

  • 遙控混凝土研磨機

    800-4E高效遙控混凝土研磨機 800-4E是一款智能高效的混凝土粉碎機,配有遙控裝置,可以實現一定距離的機器操作,提高了工作效率,使操作人員更加方便。 更多

  • 自走式研磨機

    800LE自走式砂輪機和多功能磨光機 800LE是一款傑出的地板研磨機,具有完美的外觀和超強的研磨效率。 具有強大的磨削力和穩定的性能,帶有自動驅動系統和四頭行星旋轉盤,是興義最暢銷的地板平面磨床之一,可確保地板工人高效高效地完成工作。 更多

  • 行星對轉式混凝土研磨機

    620混凝土地面研磨機 620是經典的方形混凝土地面研磨機。 帶有集成齒輪箱,具有穩定的運行性能和均勻的磨削效果。 配有可拆卸的電機和機架,可以方便地包裝和運輸 更多

  • 邊角研磨機適合家用

    250D小型混凝土角磨機 XY-250D是專業的地板磨邊機,它可以有效地研磨油漆,塗料,粘合劑,環氧樹脂和油泥,它由110V和220V單相供電,可用於建築和家庭使用,是地板工人進行角工作所必不可少的機器 更多

  • 旋風設計工業吸塵器IVC-55A

    旋風設計工業吸塵器IVC-55A 使用Cyclone工業吸塵器IVC55A,您可以使工作環境更舒適,並遠離灰塵。 更多

  • 通用不銹鋼混凝土地面研磨設備
  • 混凝土金剛石墊
    包裝細節:興義混凝土樹脂拋光墊HTG-8CD將採用標准出口包裝。 交貨細節:付款後10天內發貨
  • 自驅式混凝土地面研磨機
    HTG-800-4A是興義高科研磨拋光機系統的新成員。 機器可以自己以設定的速度行走,這將為你創造一個超級平坦的水泥地板。
  • Manual wet dry concrete floor grinding polishing machine
    Manual wet dry concrete floor grinding polishing machine
    Manufacturing Center: Xingyi Factory had developed for 19 years,Awarded 123 patents for inventions.Helping our clients finished many kinds of floor  maintance grinding  polishing projects.   Product Description: Features : 1. Adopt 220V-240V/380V-440V Frequency-converting speed control. 2. Suitable for concrete, marble and granite grinding. 3. Warranty: 1 year for Motor &Inverter;  2 years for gears, bearing 1year, spare parts 3months 4. Integrated gearbox floor grinder. Technical Parameters: Model 500-4I  Voltage  220-240V/380V-440V, 3Phase  Power 5.5KW(7.5HP)  Inverter  5.5KW(7.5HP)  Work Width  500mm(280mm*4)  Rotating Speed  350-1680rpm  Weight  185KG L*W*H  104*63*120cm MACHINE SHOW: Features: 1.According to the ground, the machine can use different kind of diamond tools. 2.The machine can be used for dry and wet grinding. 3.There is a dust port for you to connect industrial vacuum cleaner. 4.patent planetary rotating system 5.precise and durable gear-driven CUSTOMER DEMO: We have been to Singapore ,Malaysia ,Thailand ,Egypt and Saudi Arabic etc countries to offer our system solutions on polishing of concrete ,granite and tank stone. CERTIFICATIONS: Xingyi enterprise had awarded 123 patents,like passed CE,ISO9001,TUV,SGS....., Being 5 years of outstanding consecutive equipment manufacturers, Fujian Floor Association. OUR SERVICES: Customer first, Xingyi have hold the  seminar of floor maintances for 6 years from 2011 in every March .Besides,we offer our clients  technical service  across the world. Click Here Getting More Infromation...... packaging and shipping: we use poly-wooden box to pack the products. Customer Feedback: FAQ: Q: Are u the manufacturer ? A: Yes of course, we are the manufacturer ! we welcome clients to visit our factory to inspect our  produce process at any time.Our factory is located in Jinjiang, China ( Xiamen airport, Xingyi pick up ) Q: How long your product's warranty ? A: One year warranty . Q: What is your MOQ ? A: 1 set Q: What is your packaging ? A: We package in Plywood case. Q: What is your payment method ? A: 100%^Or 50% T/T advance, the balance should be pay off before shipment.  Q: Do your machine can be custom-made ? A: Yes, we can design and produce according to client’s requirements. Q: What is your delivery time ? A: 7~20 days ( according to the total quantity) Related products: Company Information: 1.We are the one of the biggest system integrates which providing Full-floor polishing products and service in China. 2.Not only we are a factory,but also have our own engineering company.  Any questions about the machines or projects,we can give you a free  technical guidence. 3.We have a 34 foreign offices across the global so that we can provide an extremely  details and customer support. 4.Our annual international floor treatment seminar is more and more popular among famous connoisseurs.   Jane Ling - international sales Dept Whatsapp&wechat: +86 15960788816


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